Victoria's Secret

Hi guys. I know I haven’t been on much for months on end now and I’m so sorry. When I first made this blog I had a lot less going on, but now it’s the exact opposite. I don’t want to abandon this blog because I’m so attached it and I know a lot of you really liked my posts. So I will keep it up but I won’t post multiple times a day, or even daily, like I used to. But I promise I’ll be on at least once a week and queue things when I know I’ll be busy. I know I’m probably letting some people down who come here for updates, but I’ll get back to my old grind when everything calms down. If any of you are interested in co-owning and have enough spare time, feel free to let me know through ask or submit. Love y’all. x

Anonymous: the person said "fuck you fucking dick"

I want to be offended but I can’t find it in me to do so. 


Hahaha, bless. x

Anonymous: Puta vete a la verga

I have no idea what this means so I’ll assume it’s something nice. English next time, thanks. 

s-h-e-m: looovvee your blog ! mind checking out mine? xx

Thank you. Sure, I’ll check it out!